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5 Tourism Attractions Siesta Key Needs to Consider

Siesta Beach has been named the #1 Beach in the USA by Dr. Beach and TripAdvisor users. It consistently rates as a top spring break and vacation location. Here are 5 tourism attraction additions Siesta Key can add to help it stay at #1!

Floating Gazebo Bar Boats

One day Sarasota Bay will be bumper to bumper with these floating dream boats. This is one trend we're ready to test out ourselves. 

Personal Jet Packs

There is plenty of room for this ridiculousness off shore. Flight has been a goal of humans since the beginning of time. Let's give the early adapters a try. How else will the technology evolve to a point where the rest of us sane people can do it?

DUCK Tour Boats

These tour boats are built for roads AND the water! I don't know why these don't exist in every water adjacent tourist location. When given the choice between amphibious touring vehicle, bus or boat, which would you choose?  

Duck Boats?

Now that Siesta Key is featured on a MTV reality show, we need an ironic selfie station for the teenagers who will be visiting. Let's slap Siesta Key on some of these monstrosities and rent them at Turtle Beach. Only have to be 16 to rent but you have to stay in the harbor and they have a top speed of 3 MPH.

Alligator Rides for Kids*

We found this on the internet and hope it never happened. 

However, with all the technology out there, can't we make safe robot alligators by now?

*We are kidding and do not recommend this activity for any human beings or alligators. It is illegal to harass or engage an alligator in Florida and carries a penalty of many years in prison!*

What do you think? Which of these tourist attractions would you like to see in Sarasota or Siesta Key?

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