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5 Ways to Get to Siesta Key from Tampa International Airport

Siesta Key is a barrier island off of Florida's Gulf Coast and west of Sarasota. Located about 60 miles south of Tampa International Airport, Siesta Key hasn't always been easy to get to from Tampa Bay.

We've found these 5 options to be the best ways to travel to Siesta Key once your flight arrives at Tampa International Airport. Safe travels and we hope to see you soon here on Siesta Key!

1) Uber

Generally costing $65-$80 per trip, Uber is a quick way to get a ride to Siesta Key without any reservations.

Beware of availability and surge pricing when planning on using Uber.

2) Rent a Car at TPA

This option may take some time but also gives you a permanent ride for your vacation. Rental prices at TPA are extremely affordable and may only cost you $150 - $300 for a week. Be prepared to wait for up to two or three hours during busier times, but drop off is usually quick year round.

3) Shuttle Service

There are a few Shuttle Service companies that will make trips south from TPA. Service to Siesta Key usually costs $80-$100 and can take 2-3 hours depending on other drop offs and traffic.

4) Fly to Sarasota–Bradenton International Airport  

SRQ is a beautiful small airport located 10 miles north of Siesta Key in Sarasota. There are many connecting flights you can take from TPA to SRQ and many local taxi companies that charge $20-$30 for a ride from SRQ to Siesta Key. Uber is also an option for SRQ to Siesta Key.

Beware that flights into SRQ are often expensive and the other options on this list are usually much cheaper.

5) Private Transportation

There are some private transportation companies located around Tampa Bay & Sarasota that do runs for people traveling from TPA to Siesta Key. Price usually costs $70-$100 per trip and availability can be limited with these small companies.

One we use is David Zmick of Secret Servant, LLC who is an Airport Specialist and has an A+ on Angie's List. His number is (941) 320 - 6698.

Once you've arrived on Siesta Key it's time to kick back and relax on your Florida vacation!

Need a place to stay on Siesta Key? Minorga on the Key is located in the heart of Siesta Key Village!

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