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7 Simple Beach Hacks

Are you ready to be the envy of the beach? Life hacks will make you look good and make others jealous. Here are 7 of our favorite beach hacks here on Siesta Beach!

Red Solo Cup Ice Packs

On vacation and don't have any ice packs? Just grab some red solo cups from the nearest gas station, fill them with water and freeze them overnight! Use them to fill up the cooler and keep things cool. You can even let them melt and provide you with some hydration in crucial situations!

Fitted Sheet Marks the Spot

Sand gets on everything when you are at the beach. You really don't want sand to be everywhere and on all your things. Covering the sand with clothing, towels & beach blankets helps, but inevitably fails. Ready for a solution that you already have at your home?

Fitted sheets are the answer! Use a fitted sheet, upside down, to mark your territory. Keep it in place by putting your cooler and other heavier items at the 4 edges. 

Bonus points if you bring a small plastic foot wash with water to leave outside your area. Wash off the sand and step onto a towel on the fitted sheet to keep all the sand out of your space!

Plastic Baggie for Phone

This might be simple, but it might be the most important one on this list. Phones aren't cheap anymore. It doesn't matter if you have your phone in a case or protected. Just keep it away from the sand and saltwater.

Downward Drinking Beach Bum

Not everyone is going to bring a large full body lounge chair to the beach. Those who do can enjoy the wonder of drinking through a straw while laying on their stomach, face down. Just think of the possibilities...

Lunch in a Cup, Fork as Straw

You never want to end a walk on the beach. Hunger is inevitable, so why not prepare for it? A picnic basket or brown bag is going to have to be carried, awkwardly, by someone. What can you do?

Put your lunch in a cup and easily bring the appropriate utensil in the straw holder! Bring a salad, pasta, soup, smoothie, granola bars or anything else you can fit in the cup. Eat freely!

Photo Frame for Beach Photos

Consider bringing a photo frame on your beach day if you enjoy taking photos at the beach! You might get some strange stares, but you will get some great photos!

Bring Twice the Garbage Bags You Think You Need

Pack in pack out! Don't leave trash on the beach or outside of full garbage cans. Be prepared to take your trash with you. We recommend double bagging!

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