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Florida Winter Realities

Florida is a great place to be during the winter months of the year. However, there are a few downsides. Here are the downsides to a Florida winter and how to make the most of them!


Where do birds go when they fly south for the winter? Many end up here in Florida. First of all, don't feed them. It's illegal in many cases, especially on the beaches. Secondly, be ready to remove bird droppings from your vehicle. Lastly, watch where you are driving. Some local and visiting birds like to treat our roads like sidewalks. You can go to jail if you hit certain species.

Solution: Avoid engaging with birds at all costs.

Seasonal Price Increases

Hotels, restaurants, attractions and other businesses will raise their prices for busy season in Florida. Just think of the off-season prices as a discount and busy season prices as the normal price.

Solution: Happy hours still are available at many Florida restaurants all year long. Early dining discounts also are available at many spots.

Short Days

Don't be surprised by the shorter days during a Florida winter! Part of the reason the temperatures remain reasonable is because of the sun going down early. The sun rises around 6:45 AM and sunsets happen around 5:45 PM in early November when Daylight Savings Time kicks in. The days get shorter from there until December 21st. They get longer after December 21st and significantly longer after Daylight Savings Time in March.

Solution: Explore restaurants, nightlife & breweries at night!


A "Snowbird" is a person from up north who decides to live in Florida for a significant amount of their winter. Many spend up to 6 months here starting in October. Think of them as college students without classes to attend but lots of money to spend. 

They can be very friendly (being on a months long vacation with no job does this to some of the Snowbirds) or very entitled. Regardless of their personality, they will crowd the roads & restaurants during your entire winter stay.

Solution: Travel & eat during off-peak hours. They don't frequent beaches or attractions, those are the other tourists.

Other Tourists

You wanted to come to Florida to escape cold winter temperatures up north. So do a lot of people. The most popular spots in Florida are full of tourists all winter long, especially on weekends.

Solution: Doing a weekday vacation will help, but just enjoy the people watching and warm weather if you can't! You're on #FloridaTime!

Cool Water

Water temperatures for all bodies of water decline in the winter months. The Gulf of Mexico & Atlantic Ocean typically both stay above 70 degrees all year, which is warmer than the lakes & rivers many of the northern tourists are used to anyway. Just don't be expecting bath water temperatures when you want to go swimming here in the winter!

Solution: Wet suits, check out Florida Hot Springs, heated swimming pools & spas.

When considering how cold and dark it is up north for much of the winter, our "Winter Florida Realities" don't seem too bad! Join us for a Siesta Beach vacation near the USA's #1 Beach on Siesta Key! Florida's Gulf Coast has it going on!

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