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Why Michigan People Love Florida

Pure Michigan. Those are the words that come to mind, in Tim Allen's voice, every time I see a Michigan license plate here in Florida. Seeing these isn't new to me as someone who went to college in Michigan and had a summer cottage in Southwest Michigan growing up. However, the sheer amount of these I see between Thanksgiving and Easter is astounding. These cars don't even count the people that took an airplane from Michigan and rented a car here in Florida. Why exactly do Michigan people love Florida so much?


The people of Michigan are a proud bunch. They have been taking trips to Florida for generations and will continue doing that until the end of time. They will always come to Florida because that's what they have always done and tradition is important to Michigan's population.


Michigan and Florida have some of the finest seafood anywhere. The people of Michigan love Walleye, Perch & Trout. They might love Grouper, Snapper and Stone Crab even more.


Michigan has thousands of lakes and is nearly surrounded by The Great Lakes. Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies there and we've got World Class fishing as well here in Florida, too. Many Michigan fisherman stick to the freshwater lakes of Florida and catch largemouth bass. Others venture into saltwater and catch sharks, tarpon and stingrays!


Michigan people enjoy familiarity and I-75 runs right into Detroit and heads north from there. The Mackinac Bridge is actually still I-75 so it even runs into the Upper Peninsula. This same highway runs all the way down to Miami Florida. It's hard to get lost on the same highway!

They Have a Favorite Place They Like To Stop Near Chattanooga

Chattanooga Tennessee is the popular halfway point between Michigan and Florida. Michigan people value tradition and are fiercely loyal, even to hotels they use on roadtrips.

To Get Away From People in Michigan They Know

Vacation can be used to get away from the people you deal with everyday. Florida is the furthest place south people from Michigan can go.

To Hang Out with Michigan People They Don't Know

Michigan people love Michigan. We know this much. So although these vacationing Michiganders may be trying to get a break from Michigan people they know too well, they are never against meeting Michigan people they don't know. Florida always has a healthy Michigan population between November and April, so there is a very good chance they will run into another person for Michigan on vacation.

Schmorgesborg of Midwest People

People from the Midwest enjoy sports. They take them very seriously. They all enjoy wearing clothes and hats with their favorite team's logo. When they see someone wearing their favorite team's logo, they get excited. When they see their least favorite team's logo, they get upset. I personally think they like to see their rivals more.


Michigan people might enjoy hunting more than fishing. They even allow students to have a day off school when hunting season opens. You can hunt deer, wild boar, turkey, pythons, lionfish & gator in Florida. That's a lot of different hunting options!

Your Can Make The State with Your Hand

When you ask a Michigan person where they are from, they will simply make the state of Michigan with their hand and point to a spot. If you use your thumb as the panhandle and turn your hand upside down, you can do the same thing with Florida.


Florida roads tend to be in better condition than Michigan roads. There is always much less construction going on because we can get projects done most of the year. There is also no snow or ice on our roads. Yes, I finally mentioned weather.


If Michigan had Florida's weather, Michigan people would never leave. That is not an exaggeration. Michigan people love our mild winters and are already used to our summer humidity. The lack of snow is a big draw I hear.

Beaches with Warm Water

There are plenty of beautiful beaches in Michigan. There are not plenty of beautiful beaches with warm water in Michigan most months of the year. Florida has water that people from Michigan and Canada can swim in all year long.

Now that you know why Michigan people love Florida so much, it's time to join them here! We're located in Siesta Key Village just a few blocks from the #1 Beach in the USA & #5 Beach in the World! Siesta Key is on Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast! We're only 9 miles west of I-75!

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