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What to Expect from the MTV Effect on Siesta Key

What to Expect from the MTV Effect on Siesta Key

Siesta Key Florida has been a tourist hot spot for decades. It is about to draw a lot more millennials after the exposure it will get this summer on MTV.

The show will be a reality show about college students returning home for the summer on Siesta Key. All MTV viewers will see commercials and trailers for the show, even if if they don't watch the show itself. The exposure to the "Siesta Key Brand" will be noticeable.

Here's a short explanation about MTV's demographics from www.parentstv.org MTV Music Television Profile:

"There is only one channel that owns the young adult demographic. Young adults 12-34 name MTV as the most recognized network. MTV is the best way to connect with 12-34's who are 91 million strong and growing, and represent 33% of the U.S. population."

Simply put, Siesta Key can expect an influx of millennials as early as this August. What do businesses on Siesta Key and in Sarasota need to do to get ahead of the curve and take advantage of these new tourists?

Social Media
This generation uses technology and social media every day of their lives. Simply not having a social media profile on their favorite social media platform may cause them to question your business. Make sure you have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Update your TripAdvisor and Yelp pages and encourage reviews. Make sure you have a YouTube page and some videos. Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn and Snapchat are other networks you should consider joining as a local business. Cast a wide net!

Expect a Toy with their Meal
This generation expects more. Don't give them less. They expect quantity and quality. Offering a free bonus for liking your social media page is something that they enjoy.

Do not look down upon these tourists or treat them any less than other guests. They pick up on that and are more likely to leave a bad review online than any other age group.

They Won't Do Island Time
This is the instant gratification generation. They don't enjoy waiting or slow service.

They Travel in Pairs or Packs
Younger tourists tend to travel in groups or as couples. Make sure you cater to couples as well as large groups.

Don't Price Gauge Products Available Online
They will pull out their smartphone and check what it goes for online. 

Promote Wellness & Health
This generation has a large focus on staying healthy than any before it. Use exercise, meditation, yoga and wellness events to draw in this crowd.

Rentals are Strong
Millennials are big believers in the sharing economy. They would rather rent than buy so renting is something they are comfortable with and used to doing. Rentals of kayaks, paddleboards, cars and other vehicles are likely to do well with this generation. 

WiFi Hotspot
Have one if you plan on having guests stay for more than a few minutes. This is important to them.

You now know how to adjust your business to profit off of the new wave of tourists hitting Siesta Key! 

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